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The company Mlodzian GmbH has been in the area of drywall construction since the 80s when converting the Landkreis Schaumburg,

- Schools
- Sports halls
- Hospitals
- Indoor swimming pools
- Circular buildings
- u.v.m.


Numerous savings banks in Schaumburger Land, as well as old buildings and acoustic ceilings as well as walls are in the repertory.

Our Company


Measures at the schools and sports halls are almost completed during the summer holidays.

Hannover Congress Centrum

Continuous refurbishment of the HCC (Hannover Congress Centrum)

Mlodzian Team


The basic structure of a dry wall is generally composed of the column structure and the planking. The framework is practically the skeleton in the construction of the dry wall.

Acoustic Measures

For a good acoustics in a room realized by dry construction, values such as reverberation time, sound pressure and sound absorption degree are important.


Drywall ceilings are always interesting in interior design if an unclean ceiling is to be suspended, ceiling lighting or a special deck design is planned.


Technical installations and fixtures, lighting and air-conditioning systems can easily be integrated into drywall constructions.

Fire Protection

The building physics are also convincing: drywalling stands for the highest performance values for sound, fire, heat and dampness protection.

Here you will find current references, as well as works from current projects.

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